What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

I get this question all the time, and it's really much more straightforward than you might think! Here's a basic list of what to bring, plus one awesome tip that a former client gave me that I now share with everyone!

Ear Plugs

Hospitals are full of beeps & unfamiliar noises that can be distracting if you or your partner are trying to sneak in a nap. Throw a few pairs of ear plugs in your bag to help get some much needed sleep!

Eye Mask

Hospitals are also full of very bright lights, not to mention you may want a nap in the middle of the day if you've been up all night.

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

Pretty self-explanatory. Hospital food can be pretty hit-or-miss, so bring some yummy snacks along with you!

Caffeine of Choice

Hospital coffee tends not to be much better than hospital food. Bring along some of your favorite tea, energy drinks, or instant coffee.


Pack toiletries just as if you were packing for a 3-day trip

Several Laboring Outfits for you & partner

There's no reason to wear the hospital gown if you don't want to. Most women these days will wear a long comfy robe or a long stretchy dress to labor. Avoid pants, as they can be hard to take on & off for cervical checks. Many companies these days even make specific labor gown that are easy on/off. Bring a few outfit options for both you & your partner in case you get wet in the tub or elsewhere :) And make sure to wear and easy-off bra for nursing, many women like wearing front-closing bras if they want to stay mostly covered up during labor.

Slippers or Slip-on shoes

For those infamous walks around the hallways!

Comfy Blanket for you & partner

Bring a few comfy blankets with you. They'll smell like home and likely be cozier than the ones at the hospital.


Because you can never have too many pillows when your'e in labor.


Don't forget your camera chargers, phone chargers, computer chargers, etc.

Pro Tip: Have your Birth Partner Pack your Bag

More likely than not, your birth partner will be the one retrieving items for you while you're in labor. So, once you've laid out everything you want to bring, ask your birth partner to actually physically pack the bag for you. That way he or she will know where everything is when you need it!

Hope this was helpful! What else did you bring to the hospital that I might've missed? Let me know!

<3 Claire

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