Birth Doula + Birth Photographer Collaboration

While I love taking photographs and capturing special moments at my clients' births, I always warn them that I am NOT a professional photographer, and that my first priority is supporting them, not taking pictures. I always end up with a lot of pictures of early labor, a giant gap once active labor begins & I'm busy being your doula, and then a lot of pictures once the baby is born. If you want professional photographs that tell the story of the whole beautiful birth journey, you should hire a professional! But I also totally understand that the cost of hiring both a doula and a birth photographer can be prohibitive for a lot of folks. I also know that it matters who you invite into your birthing space, and that it's important that a photographer be a good fit in terms of the energy that they bring to the room.

That's why I'm so excited to announce this special collaboration with birth photographer Catherine Hilcove. She is not only an amazing photographer, but also an amazing person who I know will be a beautiful and seamless addition to any of my clients' birth team. Together we’re partnering to offer a fabulous deal when you book us as your birth support and documentation team. For all September 2019 due dates, enjoy $325 in savings when you book a classic birth doula package with me and a birth photography package with Catherine. Together we’ll help you remember all the details and emotion of your birth journey and support and guide you as you and your partner work together to bring your baby into the world. Interested in learning more? Contact me and we'll be in touch with more details!

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