3 tips for making your hospital room feel like home

Many pregnant women haven't spent much time in a hospital before, and might be intimidated by or even scared of laboring in such an unfamiliar environment. But just because you've decided to give birth in a hospital does not mean you can't try to make it feel like home! Here are some quick tips for converting your hospital room during labor into a comfortable space.

1. Bring a comfy outfit

Most hospitals do not require that you wear a hospital gown during labor. Check with you care provider, and if they give you the okay, bring your favorite comfy outfit to wear while you're in the hospital!

2. Bring your own pillows and blanket

Bringing a pillow and blankets from home can be comforting on many levels. They smell like home, and are likely more comfortable than what the hospital will provide.

3. Think about what you do at home to relax, bring things to support those routines!

While practices like meditation and breathing techniques can make a huge difference in maintaining relaxation during labor, it's very likely that you have already developed routines for unwinding after a difficult day! Some people take a long bath, light candles, put on a good playlist, watch a movie, or diffuse essential oils. Think about what you do at the end of a long day, and plan to bring a few things with you to support that routine!

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