Weekly Postpartum Meetups around town

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag Cheat

Prenatal Yoga

Try this free video for some ideas of yoga sequences that are safe & beneficial in pregnancy

Foot Massage Techniques in Labor

Foot massages feel great for many laboring women, and this is a great one to practice ahead of time with a friend or partner! 

Rebozo Tips & Tricks!

Some easy rebozo techniques to aid with comfort during labor! These are great things for you & your partner to practice before labor (you can try with a sheet or a shawl, I'll bring my rebozo to the birth for you to use!)

How to do the Double-Hip-Squeeze

This is a great resource for partners to learn how to do the double hip squeeze (a counter-pressure technique to ease discomfort during labor). I love the clear explanation & emphasis on how to do this without wearing yourself out! 

Ina May on Reducing Fear in Childbirth

Ina May is a legend in the world of childbirth. I love this video because she reminds us that we're mammals, and it's time to stop scaring women and "celebrate our butts." She also talks at the end about how doulas can help create a good experience for mom, partner, & baby. "Let's give birth a chance."

Breathing Techniques to Practice

I personally find their voices very relaxing, and I like how simple this video is. There's a ton of information out there, but just picking a couple of techniques to practice can make a huge difference during labor! 

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